Man Allegedly Tried to Start Fire Inside Masonic “Place of Worship”

SOURCE:  CBS Boston, March 17, 2014

Boston Masonic Building on Tremont Street. (WBZ-TV)

 “Man Allegedly Tried To Start Fire Inside Boston Masonic Building”

…. The man, who was not identified, will be charged with attempting to burn a place of worship.”

Freemasonry is a “secret society,” where more and more Masonic secrets are divulged to members as they earn their next degree(s).  The senior leader — the highest ranking member of each Lodge — is referred to as the “Master of the Lodge” or “Worshipful Master.”  But, are Masonic Lodges places of worship?  Is Freemasonry a religion?  If it is a “religion,” who or what deity/deities do Masons worship?  Actually, this has been a hot debate for at least a few decades.  You are challenged to uncover the truth of “religion” behind this huge, worldwide organization.  The following are just a few explanations from both sides:

From the Masonic Service Association:  “Is Freemasonry a Religion?”

From the Masonic Information Center:  “Statement on Freemasonry and Religion”

From a Christian Viewpoint:  “Behind Closed Doors:  The Religion of the Masonic Lodge”

From Wikipedia:  “Freemasonry” (Look way down the page to find “Religious Opposition” by Christians and Muslims.)

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