Satanic Ritual Murders in The Vatican & World Wide (Malachi Martin)

This is a Coast to Coast radio interview with Art Bell and (Father) Malachi Martin in 1998.  Martin was a priest, ex-Jesuit, ex-Vatican insider and a well-known exorcist and author.  He died in 1999.  It’s now been over 15 years since this interview; and the content still remains relevant for some.  The interview begins with a discussion of the unsolved 1998 brutal murder of a Catholic priest and exorcist.  The next discussion is about children who may be “bad seeds” and people who appear “soul-less.”  That leads to a conversation about demonic, as well as angelic, possessions.  The biggest topics in the interview are about scandals in the Vatican, including the claim of Satanism in the Vatican.

This may seem like an outdated interview when the discussion goes (more than once) to the subject of Y2K, but you might consider suspending your judgement to continue listening.  Other topics briefly touched upon include spiritual warfare, the Antichrist, the hidden truth of extraterrestrials, possible cloning of Christ from the blood of the Shroud of Turin, One World Order, world weather and the Third Secret of Fatima.  There are also several spiritual questions by callers.  Martin speaks on a number of surprising, controversial topics in this very interesting interview!

Listen carefully to Martin as he speaks, as the information and concepts he addresses are not always reflected exactly by Bell, the interviewer.  Sometimes Martin seemed like an adult (insider) speaking respectfully and honestly to a child (the interviewer and the radio listeners) — but the adult didn’t always go into the depth of details that the child wasn’t interested in or wouldn’t comprehend.  Some of Martin’s insider details were not appropriate to discuss on the air.  So, at times, it appeared on the surface as if they were talking about the same thing or same conclusion — but were not, such as about extraterrestrials.

Ex-Catholics For Christ:  “Malachi Martin, Heretic or Hero?”

Malachi Martin Blogspot (written in Italian, Portuguese, and English)

By Chuck Nowlen:  “The Devil And Father Kunz:  An Easter tale about murder, the Catholic Church and the strange paths of good and evil”

Free copy of the book, HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, by Malachi Martin:

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