Ex-Illuminati Mind Programmer (Svali)

“Svali” is a pseudonym for an alleged former member of the secret group, the Illuminati, where her role was as a “head trainer” or programmer of trauma-based mind control (ritual abuse) victims.  Below is a well-known, online interview from 2006 where “Svali” talks with Greg Szymanski about the Illuminati.  Svali starts by describing a child sacrifice that she witnessed, which is a common story by ritual abuse survivors.  However, her story just happens to take place in the Vatican.  Svali goes on to provide further chilling information about this world-wide organization, including coming events.

Svali’s information certainly has a “ring of truth” about it, although at least most of the facts cannot be proven.  There have been efforts to discredit Svali.  However, there are different people who know well about the shocking and sad truth of ritual abuse, have met Svali and believe she is legitimate.  One of those sources is a credible professional known to this blogger.

Transcript of Svali’s interview with Greg Szymanski, 2006

WantToInfo.Info:  “Svali – Interview With Svali: Escaped Member of ‘The Family'”

For Svali’s website, go to SvaliSpeaks.com

BibliotecaPleyades:  “The Illuminati:  Interview with Ex-Illuminati Programmer”

Check HenryMakow.com for similar information.

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