Josie & the Pussycats (Movie on Mind Control & Subliminals)

The 2001 movie, “Josie and the Pussycats,” has been described as “a whole lot of fun,” “innocent, light-hearted, and charming,” “satirical comedy” and “tongue-in-cheek.”  It’s generally considered quite wholesome, and it’s actually standing the “test of time.”  It looks so “pre-teen” and “teen” that, if you’re an adult, it’s a movie you could easily pass over for yourself.  However, IF you watch it — and IF you know anything about occult (“hidden” or “secret”) symbolism (which I recommend learning to recognize) — then you’ll immediately notice that this movie is absolutely rife with occult symbolism and troubling references related to the music industry (and more).

In the end, this movie appears to be silly drama — even slapstick at times, while it’s continually making some scary insider points.  Why insert such over-the-top symbolism and references in this one movie?  Was the purpose to entertain the insiders?  Or, was it to openly jeer at the insiders, as well as the young fan base?  You think you know…. and then you don’t really.  It’s tough call, as it seems to play both sides at the same time.

So, consider finding and watching the full-length movie yourself!  You can test yourself on your knowledge!  You can even get some friends together and have a contest to see who can come up with the most occult symbols and other insider references.  Then,  you can check for answers in the following video and online article.  No cheating!  But, understand that the video and article don’t list all of the symbols and insider references in the movie.  They couldn’t possibly, so you’ll have to learn and be “on  your toes.”

To be serious, the real point is:  If you (and the children around you) are going to be watching “innocent” entertainment like this, it can be beneficial to be able to identify at least some of the more blatant subliminal messages.  Why not use this movie as a test of your knowledge?  What kind of score will you get?

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