Symbolic Pictures: Sex Kittens & Bunnies

Sandy Greenberg on the cover of Playboy magazine's February 1988 issue
The following article has an amazing collection of photos and images of well-known people.  In fact, this article contains over 170 old and new photos / images!  BUT, these people are all wearing animal print clothing or have animals or some kind of animal imagery nearby.  These are photos of women, men and a child.

Actually, a few of these photos are strikingly odd.  After a while, you might think you’re seeing a pattern here.  Could there be occult (hidden) symbology in these photos?  Are the photos intended for “those in the know” to identify “slaves” (such as trauma-based mind controlled sex slaves)?  Are these promotional photos for trans humanism?  For Satanism?  Is it all of these?  Or is this simply fashion and coincidence?

“Symbolic Pictures:  Sex Kittens”

Here’s another from the same TheTalkingPot blog:  “Alice in Wonderland Programming.”  This article has over 30 photos of women in bunny ears, which includes old Playboy covers.  There is also a short excerpt of a former Bunny-girlfriend’s observations inside the Playboy Mansion.

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