Singing Nun Sensation in Italy: Holy Water & the Devil

The following video is from the TV talent show, The Voice of Italy.  This particular episode aired on March 14, 2014.  There still is a great deal of controversy about this performance by a nun, Suor Cristina Scuccia. 

It’s obvious Suor Cristina performed the pop song, “No One,” by Alicia Keys with high-energy.  Her voice was surprising good.  The song lyrics can definitely be interpreted as spiritual in content.  Yes, the words can be describing a close relationship with God.  However, among the concerns are Suor Christina’s body language while singing — but most especially her unmistakeable throwing up of a “devil horn” at 6:50, along with an odd scream.  Later, at 7:40, J-Ax throws up “devil horns” (also known as “the goat”) on both hands before he picks up Suor Christina on stage and twirls her around.  Mixing good with evil has always been fascinating…. down through the eons, in fact.  Eh?

So, was this an inspirational performance?  Was this an innocent, up-to-date and refreshing way to “evangelize” and bring people to God?  Are Suor Christina and the Novus Ordo religion receiving unfair criticism?  Do they deserve our understanding, love and respect?  On the other hand, was there actual profanity and blasphemy in both Suor Christina’s performance and her behavior?  There are different gods, so, the real questions some people have are:  Which “god” does Suor Christina align with?  Which “god” is she trying to bring people to?

There are already people lined up on both sides of this issue, although the overwhelming majority appear to label Suor Christina as “talented,” “spiritually innovative” and even strangely “appealing.”  However, you might check out the first two articles below, which take an extreme opposite view of that.  The last two links at the bottom are about symbology, just in case you don’t already know the occult meanings generally assigned to “devil horns” and “peace signs.”  As always, you decide!

“Novus Ordo Nun’s Got Talent:  Suor Christina Performs Pop Song on Italian TV”

“Suor Cristina – Sister Act?”

“‘El Diablo’ Shows His Horns—The Devil Rides Out!  This is a description of the occult meaning behind “devil horns” from Texe Marr’s book, CODEX MAGICA.  (This is from a conservative Christian perspective.)

“DEPROGRAM: All PEACE Signs are Satanic Luciferian Symbols.”  This gives an occult explanation of the V-shaped peace hand sign.  Note that this symbolism looks like the icon used for the TV Show, The Voice.  However, The Voice icon — a male hand — is also holding a phallic-shaped object in his palm.  Is any of this coincidence?  No, of course not!  A great deal of money, thought, time and effort is put into every detail that you see and hear on the screen for all professional TV shows like this.

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4 Responses to Singing Nun Sensation in Italy: Holy Water & the Devil

  1. C. says:

    I am italian, and I believe that this nun’s voice was ok – but not good enough to make it there without a sensational veil…
    Besides, a nun should not sing in that context. Full Stop.

    That being said, to be fair I have to explain why she did the devil’s horns. The rocker (the guy with the black beard) asked her to be her judge and told her: “Can you imagine what we would be you and I as a team?” Then she made the horns with that odd scream – as a joke to show that she imagines – and show how it would be: a nun behaving like a little devil. In short, no homage to the enemies was intended there. She was just joking in an italian way.

    That being said no nun ever, for ANY reason should behave like that and do the horn sign.

    But we must be fair in recognizing that she did *not* mean to pay a homage to the devil with her horns.

    I would love your reply on this matter – to me is very important that we traditional catholics are informed on the issue and stick to the truth of how we characterize this event.

    • Bruce Ferguson says:

      thank you C for your explanation of the devil sign…that was the only thing that bothered me as in many other context, it ain’t a good thing. I am glad that you explained the cultural context. I am also wondering what the sign is that looks like unicorn when her and J-Ax sang “Gli Anni”… I thought it was a child like team sign that many kids in their teams in Catholic schools all over the world use..

      I disagree with you on the secular context in which the nun sang. The New Evangelization calls for innovative ways of reaching people and the best way to reach people is to dismantle the lack of trust, create and share new common experience, build friendship first…none of these songs were bad. In fact, if you look a the themes of the songs, she basically covered the Social Teachings of the Church, the innocence of childhood, she sang as an Italian which I – as a non-Italian- fell in love with. Now I want to learn more about your beautiful and warm culture.

      Uno su mille, Sally, and Gil Ani….wow…I started to look up the translations and it is interesting.. by the way, I checked out a lot of J Ax songs.. and they are counter culture, singing against the phoniness in society, echoing society’s desire for authenticity and honesty…and having looked at those songs and lyrics, it puts J-Ax’s emotions in place…he sat face to face with that authenticity that his past raps have been about….wow.

      I wish people could see the miracles here in a contemporary context. Nuns have always been on the forefront of putting heart to the church in the street and this nun is simply continuing that female leadership role in our catholic community….

      thank YOU for your comments C… I appreciate them.

  2. Bruce Ferguson says:

    To the writer…give me a break! 🙂 Your interpretation is very narrow in that you are probably using benchmarks that are socio-culturally defined in a another place and time. What this nun has done was break the wall that divides the western concepts of secular and profane of which many cultures including mine do not separate. She de-mystified what it means to be Catholic first and a nun second. She gained the trust of many in walking among them just as our Lord did eating with taxpayers and so forth. Many readers can get so stuck up on interpreting the emotional response of a young women who still has to take her final vows and for focusing in the tree they, indeed, are missing the forest in this story….

  3. Bruce Ferguson says:

    Oh yeah… doesn’t water put out fire? Another interpretation perhaps of the Devil and the Holy Water.. .hmmm…just a thought…

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