Chernobyl’s Wildlife Survivors: Radioactive Wolves (Documentary)

“What happens to nature after a nuclear accident?  And how does wildlife deal with the world it inherits after human inhabitants have fled?”

This is a fascinating and surreal nature documentary.  It’s about the wildlife that lives in Russia’s Chernobyl area, which was abandoned by humans after the nuclear meltdown in 1986 (nearly 30 years ago).  The area is still considered too dangerous for human survival.  However, somehow (amazingly), wildlife appear to be thriving!  The focus of this documentary is on the wolves at Chernobyl; but other wildlife are also highlighted, such as bison, birds, deer, fish — even blossoming, green trees.

Another source for this same:  “Radioactive Wolves Of Chernobyl – Documentary.”  (Check out the description below the video on the YouTube website.)

Note that Chernobyl is #2 on this list of the “Ten Most Radioactive Places on Earth Mapped Out [GRAPHIC].”  Fukushima is #1.

“Anniversaries:  Lest We Forget Chernobyl,” April 26, 2011

ChernobylWildZone on YouTube

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