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Chernobyl’s Wildlife Survivors: Radioactive Wolves (Documentary)

“What happens to nature after a nuclear accident?  And how does wildlife deal with the world it inherits after human inhabitants have fled?” This is a fascinating and surreal nature documentary.  It’s about the wildlife that lives in Russia’s Chernobyl … Continue reading

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Salvation Mountain (American Folk Artist Leonard Knight)

“Salvation Mountain is known around the world as a burst of color in the desert outside Niland, California, on the Mexican border.  A one-man monument built over three decades piece by piece; it is a gradual accrument of hope, love … Continue reading

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Singing Nun Sensation in Italy: Holy Water & the Devil

The following video is from the TV talent show, The Voice of Italy.  This particular episode aired on March 14, 2014.  There still is a great deal of controversy about this performance by a nun, Suor Cristina Scuccia.  It’s obvious Suor … Continue reading

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A Tangled Tale (Animated Short)

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Believe in Good

This is one of those extremely rare “feel good” commercials.  This message is rare  in media anywhere these days.  Bravo to this company!

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