Hearts On The Ground: Bring Lakota Children Home

Wrongfully, but legally, taking children from good, loving families is happening all over — in different countries.  But, in the United States, history is unfortunately repeating itself with Native People, like you can learn about in this video.  How can this happen (again)?!  How is this legal In most cases, it’s not moral; and it’s not beneficial to the children or their families.  It’s not common sense.  It’s not respectful or insightful.  This is wrong on so many levels!  It certainly has the look of prejudice and the smell of financial corruption.  It has the distinct appearance of planned genocide of Native People — their families and their culture. 

“Please sign our petition at LakotaLaw.org/ACTION.

Hearts on the Ground: South Dakota’s Forced Taking of Lakota Children, is a project of The Lakota People’s Law Project.”

These children and families need your voice of support against these outrageous government actions.  For additional information, check out the YouTube video:  Social Service Workers Speak Out:  Poverty is NOT Neglect.”

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