Airline Anomalies Post Fukushima (Rad Chick)

This is a very interesting interview of Rad Chick, which aired on February 20, 2014.  The interviewer is Alfred Webre.  Justin Beiber fans will find it especially interesting to hear conjecture related to Beiber’s recent eratic behavior.

“The Fukushima Nuclear Accident resulted in a massive release of radionuclides into our biosphere.  Releases continue from the plant via steam events and pouring of massive amounts of water on the reactors and pools which makes its way to the Pacific Ocean endlessly.  Two (2) years ago I was contacted by a flight attendant working out of the Seattle-Tacoma airport who had concerns about various illnesses that were affecting pilots and flight crews, since Fukushima.  Over the past 2 years we have collected any and all reports pertaining to this possible connection, until we had a significant amount of data to present to the public.  What has become obvious is that something is causing a significant statistical increase in pilots who are having medical emergencies during flights, based on available data.”

RadChick on RT, March 12, 2014“Decontamination is BS”

RadChick’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

Climate Viewer News

Alfred Lambremont Webre:  Website and YouTube Channel

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