Reaching for Healing After the Abuse

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Abuse feels just like this, eh?  Regardless of the type and extent of abuse, things never go back to the way they were, do they….  In fact, sometimes the abuse is SO severe and traumatic to a victim’s psyche that the victim’s personality actually shatters and splits into pieces.  But, you do NOT have to stay broken.  You do NOT have to remain a victim.  You can be a “survivor,” even while you’re still healing.

Healing is not easy.  It can be a tough journey that takes considerable effort and time.  For some, the complete healing process takes years, even with professional help.  Along the way, slipping and falling is expected.  However, slowly but surely, you can start to feel better and better.  Healing can eventually come — and all of this can be a catalyst for greater things in your life — IF you’re willing and able to get back up again and again.  It’s the “getting back up” that’s critically important.

Healing IS possible!  So, be patient with yourself!  Be very kind to yourself!  If you truly want to be healed, keep reaching for healing.

A final thought on successful healing is about bringing God into the process.  This is a humble suggestion, as involving God is a very personal decision.  Sometimes the core healing is really between you and God anyway, separate from the actual abuse done by the perpetrator(s).  But, after all of your abuse — if you can find it within yourself to partner with the One and Only True Loving Creator — then there’s a possibility for your grief and healing time to be drastically reduced. 

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