Using Snakes to Catch Wild Rabbits

“Watch as Andrew collects 4 of Australia’s most venomous snakes and uses them to his advantage versus the wild European rabbit to capture one of the world’s hardest to catch vermin.  This type of rabbit snare is unique as it requires patience to trap and catch small game, but nonetheless an effective method to capture small animals.

[No animals within the following footage were harmed.  The footage depicts animals being restrained no intent has been made to injure, harm or stress the animal.  All animals used within the following footage were released back into their natural state…….]

I know what the description says above, but ALL of these animals were obviously stressed.  Was this necessary?  Or is this UNnecessary man-vs.-beast drama?  Check out Wild Man Andrew Uncles’ YouTube Channel for more “young macho” wildlife videos.

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