Satanic Activities in the Spotlight — the Vatican and the Elite

Below is a news item from March 2014 with the video entitled:  “Eye witnesses to Pope Francis killing and eating babies in Satanic rituals.”  Well, that’s only a part of the accusations against Pope Francis and others.  Some of the rest include child rape, torture, sacrifices, genocide and global trafficking (prostituting children against their will).  Of course, this kind of news can be difficult to find in some places, so it’s possible you’re totally unaware.  At the bottom are links to updated news.

Do you think this kind of news is just “conspiracy,” over-active imaginations or simply fiction pulled from books or movies?  Absolutely NOT!  I cannot personally vouch for all the accusations mentioned in this video, but this kind of activity happens ALL OVER the globe.  It’s been happening for at least hundreds of years.  Why is it still happening?  It’s because there are at least 3 main camps of humans on this planet. 

  • One group is comprised of those who actively participate in these psychopathic crimes, cover up for each other and keep their secrets by whatever means they feel necessary.
  • Another main group is made up of those “good” people who can’t or won’t believe unimaginable evil like this happens, so they choose to look the other way.  Essentially, they enable the criminals.  The criminals depend on their disbelief, apathy and total gullibility.
  • There is an important third group.  Those are the growing numbers of survivors, along with those trying to help them.  These people are threatened and intimated for telling the truth.  There’s a lot of “blame the victim” that goes on.  Sometimes survivors are labeled as “insane” or “conspiracy nuts.”  Sometimes they’re locked away, and sometimes they just disappear somehow.
  • Of course, it must be acknowledged that there is yet a fourth group.  Those are the victims, who still can’t remember what happened to them.  They’ve literally developed clinical amnesia after the type and extent of horrific trauma done to them.  If you know about this type of abuse, then you are already aware — to the surprise of most — that these victims are often members of group one and/or two above.  Yes, on the surface it appears confusing; but it’s intentional.

THIS is exactly how these acts of pure evil keep happening.  This entire situation is one that’s difficult to comprehend…. but only to unaware “outsiders”!  The “insiders” already understand it.  The true perpetrators are masters of disguise and manipulation.  Some will tell you that these perps have direct demonic connections.  Of course, it appears most “regular” people don’t believe in demons these days.  But, what’s really important is that this group DOES believe in them and performs FOR them for perceived “great rewards. 

To say the least, this is a HUGE story!  Disbelievers would be truly shocked to learn how this really works, the names of  perpetrators and the high-level cover up.  So, who or what is behind the curtain pulling the strings?  How many volunteered for this evil vs. how many were forced into it?  These are very interesting answers indeed, as nothing is as it seems. 

By the way, here’s news from June 2014:
“Kevin Annett:  Witnesses to 800 Irish children slaughtered; Dutch Prince, Prime Minister, Soros hunting children.”

You can find more news here:

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