Alien Abductions – What Are They Doing? (Art Bell & Karla Turner)

This is a clip of a Dreamland radio interview by Art Bell with the articulate, “late and great” Dr. Karla Turner.   Bell and Turner discuss  aliens (extraterrestrials) and alien abductions.  This is a very interesting and informative interview!  Although it’s from 1994, it sounds recent.  This interview creates a strong desire to know what Dr. Turner would actually say now — almost 20 years later.  This interview clip is highly recommended!

For the original (1-3/4 hour) version of this interview, check it out on YouTube.  The program starts off with information about cattle mutilations, and then Art Bell interviews Dr. Karla Turner.  For even more information about Dr. Turner, you might start with the Whale website and follow the links to free PDF’s of her now out-of-print books, videos, audio recordings, articles and more.

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