Children Who Play With Snakes

“Children in snake catchers families in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh [India] play with dangerous snakes.  These people are very poor to purchase toys, so that they give snakes as toys to their children to play.”

“Indian Children charmers with Snake”

“Sitting less than a metre away from a poisonous cobra, the children show no signs of fear and do not flinch when faced with one of the deadly snakes.

Children in India’s 600-strong Vadi tribe are first introduced to snakes at the age of two.  India—Children of the many snake charmers in the village of Padmakesharpur are no strangers to cobras.  Early encounters with defanged or devenomed snakes help the babies grow up fearless.”

If you want to see more, here are a couple of others:
“The Snake Eater” (US)
“Kid Rides Giant Python” (Cambodia)

Wildlife SOS India:  Reptiles and Snake Charming

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