Children Who Play With Snakes

“Children in snake catchers families in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh [India] play with dangerous snakes.  These people are very poor to purchase toys, so that they give snakes as toys to their children to play.”

“Indian Children charmers with Snake”

“Sitting less than a metre away from a poisonous cobra, the children show no signs of fear and do not flinch when faced with one of the deadly snakes.

Children in India’s 600-strong Vadi tribe are first introduced to snakes at the age of two.  India—Children of the many snake charmers in the village of Padmakesharpur are no strangers to cobras.  Early encounters with defanged or devenomed snakes help the babies grow up fearless.”

If you want to see more, here are a couple of others:
“The Snake Eater” (US)
“Kid Rides Giant Python” (Cambodia)

Wildlife SOS India:  Reptiles and Snake Charming

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Serpent Handling Christians

For more information, check out:

“Snake Handling Christians Obey the Bible”

“Snake-Handling Pentecostal Pastor Dies From Snake Bite”

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Strange Disappearances in National Parks

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The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

Ben Underwood died of cancer in January 2009  at the age of 16.  What a resilient nature and resourceful person!  What a role model!

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People with Unusual Eyes, Hair and Skin Combinations

There are a number of comments and videos these days about people with unusual — even quite startling — features.  A focus seems to be on blue- and green-eyed children with red or blonde hair and unique skin coloring — all features which appear to be outside of the norm for their particular gene pool.  There are speculations as to why this appears to be happening all over the world.  Quite frankly, one theory is alien interference or hybridization, such as proposed in this pro-alien YouTube video, “Alien Ambassadors (Platinum Children).”  Another theory may simply be that there is now more immediate awareness of global events, including people exhibiting recessive genes.  Regardless, this “uniqueness” tends to evoke shock, confusion, fear, and shunning.  The situation reminds this blogger of the type of fears and speculation that you can see in the movie “Village of the Damned” from 1960 (a classic) and the movie remake in 1995.  Of course, sometimes there’s also the opposite reaction:  awe, envy, acceptance…. and desire.

A prime example of public focus on these anomalies is the internationally sensational story about the “Chinese Boy’s Bright Blue Eyes & Amazing Eyesight.”  This is a young boy who can see clearly in the dark and whose eyes glow like a cat’s.  Another example can be found in different parts of Africa, where, for several years now, there has been an unusually high number of albino births.  This albinism is thought by some to be a congenital condition and a recessive trait.  However, many of these black-African albinos have encountered overt persecution and have been forced to run, hide and isolate.  Unfortunately, due to superstitition, some have even been dismembered and killed for their body parts, including children.  Because some African non-albinos consider albinos to be essentially part non-human, albino body parts are considered to have magical properties.  Therefore, various parts the body can bring high rewards — great wealth, in fact — to the perpetrators.  There is currently little to NO legal protection against these horrific, unspeakable crimes.

The following video is one of the more neutral reports about what is allegedly a global phenomenon.  (By the way, at least some of these photos are not recent.)

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