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The Sweat Lodge: Great Spirit Within the Hole

“The story of Native Americans seeking to reconnect with their spiritual roots while incarcerated.” To view this unique program (free) in it’s entirety, go to:  “Great Spirit Within the Hole.”  It was originally broadcast by PBS in 1983.  Not all … Continue reading

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A Call for Humanity – END THIS WAR!

This is another interesting scrawny2brawny video — this time about war, destruction, racism, and greed.  It contains talks from David Icke, a war veteran (Iraq Veterans Against the War) and a religious leader.  The video ends with positive messages toward … Continue reading

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Traditional Indian Will Not Reform

___________ Thank you to:  Ben Carnes for the photo.  Check out this page on his Facebook account. If you’re having trouble reading the back of this t-shirt, it says: WARNING TRADITIONAL INDIAN WILL NOT REFORM Will not abandon traditional beliefs. … Continue reading

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