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Alien Abductions – What Are They Doing? (Art Bell & Karla Turner)

This is a clip of a Dreamland radio interview by Art Bell with the articulate, “late and great” Dr. Karla Turner.   Bell and Turner discuss  aliens (extraterrestrials) and alien abductions.  This is a very interesting and informative interview!  Although it’s … Continue reading

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The Issues and Talents Behind Autism (Temple Grandin)

This posting is dedicated to Temple Grandin, who, in 2010, was listed as Time Magazine‘s 100 most influential people in the world.  Yes, Grandin is indeed remarkable! For example, she revolutionized the livestock industry!  She speaks out about humane treatment of … Continue reading

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US Cows Being Fed Candy, Cookies, Chocolate, etc.

In case you haven’t already heard, a recent drought has been making it very difficult for US farmers to feed their cattle.  The alternative foods being fed to the cattle are both surprising and alarming.  Here are two recent articles … Continue reading

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