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The “Nancy” Interview: Aliens, UFO’s & More

This is the well-known radio interview of “Nancy” by Jordan Maxwell in 1996.  Nancy starts by talking about her family background and a hair-raising incident with a Reptilian.  The interview then goes into speculation about aliens, our origins, genetic changes on … Continue reading

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Need a Smile?

Need a quick smile or a laugh?  Then check out this funny video about a young child’s sense of humor: It’s good to be reminded about the really simple things, eh?  Now, if you want a scientific (developmental) explanation of this, … Continue reading

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Surveillance of Citizens by Robotic and Borg Insects?

Apparently, secret surveillance of citizens (referred to as “targeted individuals)” IS possible.  And, robotic and cyborg insects DO exist.  However, is this person’s story real, fabricated, or simply a case of paranoia and anxiety? 

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US Starts to Ban Bottled Water

Source: The Watchers January 6, 2013 BY CHILLYMANJARO A law passed by the town of Concord, in the US state of Massachusetts, went into effect with the New Year, making single-serving bottles of water illegal. However, Coke or other soft drinks are exempt, it only … Continue reading

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Get Service

Of course, this same message of understanding, empathy and service is echoed by people of different religions and spiritual beliefs…

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