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Everything We Take is Borrowed

“Before taking a feather, I offer tobacco.  I don’t just stand and let that tobacco fall; I sit on the ground with humbleness, because I am offering something for something I will use from Mother Earth.  Because it’s not ours; everything we take … Continue reading

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All Things Are Bound Together

“All things are bound together. What happens to the earth, happens to the children of the earth. Man has not woven the web of life. He is but one thread. What he does to the web, he does to himself.” … Continue reading

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Nuclear Industry: “Atomic Suicide” & “Hanging by a Thread”

In his recent blog, “Atomic Suicide,” Dr. Mark Sircus wrote that the public continues to be lied to about the Fukushima accident and its deadly impact around the world.  Here are some quotes from this posting: “What is happening in … Continue reading

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US Prepares for Alien Invasion

Are you aware of the global preparations to detect an alien invasion, which are being led by the US Government?  If you do not live in Australia, then you probably did not see the recent Australian TV news interview, “Alien … Continue reading

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Game Plan in Life

“It is always a good idea to have a game plan in life, but make sure you write in pencil and have an eraser ready.” ~ Adam Marchick

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