This website is intended to help all of us to “connect the dots.”  It includes a variety of topics, such as mind control, abuse, conspiracy, aliens, technology — and even health and inspiration.  This will most likely be an odd combination for most people.

Overall, the main purpose of this website is to share information that tends to be obscure — that’s not part of regular media and may even be taboo from our normal conversations.  This blog is for sharing with curious and open-minded individuals.  I know you’re out there!  You don’t have to “buy into” all of this info… or even part of it.   In fact, you are always encouraged to think for yourself!  However, the underlying proposition behind this eclectic information is that at least the majority of it is, in fact, connected.

Please note that sometimes (many times?) “good” or interesting information comes from a source connected to agendas that I do not and cannot endorse.  Unless clearly indicated, this website does not make endorsements.  I’m “just sharing some information….”

So, take this information as sheer entertainment or important information — your choice.  My humble suggestion is that you keep an open, inquiring mind.  And, keep “connecting the dots.”

I hope you enjoy!

M. Menawa

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  1. Binky harrington says:

    THought provoling

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