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Gender Neutral Parenting

This video is offered for information only.  It is not a endorsement one way or another.  Gender neutral parenting is a hot debate with some people, while others appear to be totally unaware of this parenting approach.

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It’s Not About The Nail

“‘Don’t try to fix it.  I just need you to listen.’  Every man has heard these words.  And they are the law of the land.  No matter what.”

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91 Year-Old Woman Runs Marathon Following Cancer Radiation

Thank you to:  The Raw Food World!

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Woman With Cancer Diagnosis Receives Surprise by Supportive Friends

You might want to read the description of this on Vimeo.   You might also read the comments about “terminal illness” below the video and related article on The Raw Food World.

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A Hug That Helped Change Medicine

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