Internet Surveillance & Privacy Issues

As you may know, Facebook was recently listed on NASDAQ; and Facebook is expected to sell for a sizable fortune.  At the same time, there’s been a class action suit against Facebook for alleged privacy violations.  This is a reminder of the rumblings for some time now about government surveillance of the Internet, including social media sites, for the purposes of spying and data mining.  The video below is a hilarious parody on the Facebook / CIA connection.

Below are more serious sides of this same surveillance and privacy story.

“CIA Admits It Monitors and Analyzes Facebook, Twitter”

“Facebook, FBI, US Govt. Tracking and Spying on You 2012” (12.11 min):

Here’s a great article that’s “hot” right now on Twitter:  “FBI Web Surveillance: Bureau Creates Unit To Eavesdrop On Internet Communications”

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2 Responses to Internet Surveillance & Privacy Issues

  1. DeeCee says:

    Reality is, that Facebook web-crawlers follow you around on every web-page you visit to analyze and build your extended profile, interest-graph, and whatever else technology allows to extract from reading everything you read. Any page with an active Share/Like button. Others, like LinkedIn are beginning to follow right behind.

    NOTE: This is independent of your privacy settings. By their agreements you have already agreed to both this use of data and any other they might see profitable in the future.

    I am personally not really comfortable with any company saving away a database of EVERYTHING I might have been interested in. Building profiles of all ones preferences, political leanings, product preferences, and anything else that can be cleaned from your web-history.

    Anyone out there: Check your own web-history and make some guesses on how others might interpret it, if they could get their hands on it and magically analyze it like Facebook/LinkedIn and others can do. Or how its information could possibly be used, if someone that did not necessarily have your best at heart got to interpret it.

    Also keep in mind that Facebook’s entire business model depends on how much they know about us and how well they use it for ad targeting.. The more they can gather about us, the more revenue they might be able to make for their new Wall-Street friends and shareholders.


  2. Thank you for taking time to share this information, DeeCee! – M

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